Think Beyond Centralized AI

We are an AI R&D DAO utilizing the resources of the Bittensor network, an open source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based, machine learning network.

Our Services

Delegate Validator

Neural Internet is a delegate validator on the Bittensor network, which means that we play a crucial role in the network's consensus mechanism and are able to earn rewards for our contributions. By delegating to our validator, clients can earn a portion of our rewards and support the development of our AI DAO.



Neural Internet introduces ChatNI, the pioneering decentralized AI chatbot utilizing Bittensor protocol. Co-developed with OpenTensor Foundation and fully open-sourced, it allows immediate use without API keys and offers features like system prompting, prompt saving, and conversation history. Future enhancements include plug-ins and browser capabilities. Join as a beta tester to shape the future of decentralized AI.



Neural Internet introduces ReplyTensor, an innovative bot on Twitter and Telegram. Users can engage with it by tagging on Twitter or joining the $TAO Community on Telegram. Continuous improvements are underway, with plans for enhanced integration with Neural Internet's API. Your feedback is invaluable for its evolution. Stay tuned for exciting ReplyTensor updates!


wTAO DeFi Market

Neural Internet offers a lending and borrowing market for Bittensor network participants to access funds for model optimization and innovation. It allows for lending and borrowing after proper KYC verification and uses NFTs to manage debt transparently and securely. Governance is ensured through staking TAO to our delegate validator.


Bounty Platform

Introducing the Alpha stage of our Bounty Platform, where you can trade Bittensor's native currency, TAO, for the expertise of skilled developers. These Bounty Hunters can help you with a wide variety of tasks; from assistance on coding personal projects to creating new product ideas, our platform offers an efficient and secure way to collaborate on projects and improve project lifecycles. Join our thriving community of developers and project owners today!